The long list of University alumni includes outstanding specialists, who discovered hundreds of open fields and projected productions. Such are world-famous geologists Alexander Karpinsky, Vladimir Obruchev, Dmitry Nalivkin, the founder of the oil doctrine Ivan Gubkin, and many others.

Many international students, graduates of Mining University, also made impressive careers after returning to their homeland:

  • The first president of Mongolia, Punsalmaagiin Ochirbat
  • The first president of Tajikistan Kakhar M. Makhkamov
  • Director General of the Catoka Ltd. diamond mining company Jose Manuel Augusto Ganga Jr. (Angola)
  • President of MAK Gold Mining Corporation Bamba Nyamtayshir (Mongolia)
  • Director of the Hanoi Research Institute of Mining Science and Technology (Vietnam) Fung Manh Duck
  • Rector of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute of Moa Manuel Vega Almager (Cuba)