Culture and creativity

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Culture and creativity

What is a creative collective?

Starting or maintaining a creative club or collective is an additional opportunity at the university for students to engage in a creative network, develop and deliver their ideas, and become a steward of cultural activity on and off campus.

culture and creativity
Clubs of the Student Council

The Mentors Club is an association of students who have expressed their wish to undergo training for working with first-year students. Upon completion of the course comprising meetings and a camp-seminar, the students receive skills in the field of social interaction and assistance in adaptation.

Mentorship Club

The club is a form of engaging students in activities and implementing their creative potential. During its existence, the Creative Club had more than 250 diverse meetings attended by hundreds of students. The Club was founded y a group of about 15 people competent in certain creative areas.

Creative Club

The Club of the Funny and Inventive People (KVN) is a form of student leisure. It was created to find and bring together creative students of the university and format a team of people capable of independent activities, enthusiastically participating in the cultural life of the university.

Club of the Funny and Inventive People

The theater club is one of the forms of leisure and is created in order to put in action the creative potential of students, to support and develop their talents and abilities. During the 4 years of the club’s existence, it has implemented: 11 performances, etudes, dramatized quests; 150 workshops, lectures, trainings.

Project Theater Club

The Cultmass Club is a center for cultural mass projects; this is a creativity space within the framework of which the most popular and major events of Mining University are organized and conducted with an average attendance of no less than 300 people: the “Freshmen Cup”, “New Year's Ball”, “Weeks of Faculties”, etc.

Cultmass Club

The “External Relations” Club is a form of engaging students in the active work and realization of their business and leadership qualities. The club members establish cooperation with partners at every event held by the Student Gornyak Council.The Club participates in the organization of inter-university events.

“External Relations” Club