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Student Organizations

Clubs of the Student Council

The Center is a site for personal development and non-formal education at Mining University. The Center recruited more than 500 participants of master-classes at the university, more than 28 hours of training new coaches, master-classes held by Mining University trainers and experienced guest trainers from various companies.

Student Training Center

The club is an initial point for starting a career in the very first years of studentship. The Club gives students the opportunity to conduct dialogues with employees of foremost companies in various business areas. During the years of the club’s existence, its members organized several dozen case-based championships and master classes to enable students to reach their potential.

Case Club

The English Club was established by initiative of the Student Council and the Department of Foreign Languages of Mining University. Altogether, more than 300 students of Mining University are club members. A special feature of the club is that all meetings are held exclusively in English.

English Language Club

The Board Games Club holds weekly meetings and runs games among club student members. Altogether, about 500 people took part in club’s activities. The interest in the Club keeps growing and new games and technologies appear, including new types of intellectual games.

Board Games Club

The Ecologist Scientific Student Club brings together those students of Mining University who are interested in mastering their skills in researches and combining them with their studies. Members of the club are, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students engaged in scientific and research activities.

Ecologist Scientific Student Club

The Club of Intellectual Games, has held more than 40 events, in which more than 1000 students of Mining University took part. During each academic year, the best teams take part in city and All-Russian competitions, taking high places and adequately representing Mining University.

Club of Intellectual Games "17-73"