Professors from Austria and Germany presented series of lectures at Saint Petersburg Mining University

Representing Leoben Mining University (Austria), professor Johannes Schenk has been visiting Saint Petersburg Mining University for three consecutive years now. Students of the department of Minerals Processing took up the seats this time. Professor Schenk is an expert in ferrous metallurgy, hydrodynamics, and kinetics of reactions of heterogeneous systems.

Dr. Stefan Vöth, Professor of the Technische Hochschule Georg Agricola (THGA) (Germany), gave a series of lectures for students of the Electromechanics department focusing on themes such as conveyor equipment, the safety of machinery and equipment, hoisting machinery and more.

The professor is an old partner of Saint Petersburg Mining University. Dr. Vöth is a member of organizing committee for research-to-practice International Conference on Innovations and Prospects of Development of Mining Machinery and Electrical Engineering (IPDME), which is regularly held at the university. In addition, Stefan Vöth participates in international research jointly with specialists of electromechanical department.

The audience members were evaluated at the end of the lecture series. As a result, the students received certificates on mastering the discussed topics as well as competing advance training.

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