How can a foreigner become a student of Saint-Petersburg Mining University?

As per entry examination results, State-scholarship seats at the oldest Russian higher education technical institution were given to 15 internationals. All of them are CIS countries residents and speak Russian fluently. The bigger part of those students is either from Belarus (6 students) or from Kazakhstan (5).

43 newcomers enrolled at the University in accordance with commercial educational services agreement, of them 14 students are Iranian community representatives, 7 more came to Saint-Petersburg from Angola and 5 from China.

As usual, the vast majority of international students attend the Mining University under quota of the Russian Government, which annually allocates a specific number of state-funded seats for the foreign states residents. Undergraduate applicants are chosen by Rossotrudnichestvo with the help of Russian overseas embassies as well as through the network of their official missions.

As per 13th August, 86 nonresidents were accepted as Bachelor’s or Specialist’s Degree students, 35 were admitted to Master’s Degree programmes and 12 more to post-graduate education programmes.

The expected number of newcomers from other countries at the pre-university courses is 151. Till the beginning of next summer they will be studying Russian language and a few comprehensive school subjects, depending on the discipline choice. In case of successful examination young learners will then turn into fully legitimate students of the Mining University.


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