From Turkmenistan to Russia with Studies in Mind


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What Subjects Are of Particular Interest to Azerbaijani Students in Russia?

Azerbaijan was the first country in the world to have drilled an oil well and built an oil pipeline - both with the help of Russian experts. A petro boom followed as a result, but both then and now primary oil producers in the country are not domestic companies but foreign-based entities.

Russian Scientific Periodical Was Ranked in the Second Quartile of the Scopus Database

The Mining University's journal, which has turned 113 years old this year, is now recognised internationally.

An Indonesian Expat about Moving to Russia for Studies

Indonesia is indeed much more than Bali and its picturesque beaches. Yet very few of us know that in the mouth of one of the country's volcanoes there is a lake of sulphuric acid. Samira Dial Megistra, a student of the Faculty of Oil & Gas Engineering at Saint-Petersburg Mining University, is originally from Indonesia. In this interview, she explained why she went to study abroad, albeit coming from one of the most beautiful countries.