From Turkmenistan to Russia with Studies in Mind


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Russia and Germany Need a Strategic Compact on Global Energy Cooperation

A regular meeting of the Organising Committee of the Russian-German Raw Materials Dialogue, which was held this time online, was dedicated to the use of hydrogen as an energy source. The event was attended by representatives of the Presidential Administration and Ministry of Energy of Russia, as well as of the German Energy Agency DENA, and world’s largest energy and steel enterprises, such as Uniper, Siemens, Verbundnetz Gas, ThyssenKrupp, NOW, Stahl-Holding-Saar, Salzgitter, Energie-Agentur, Gazprom, and other companies. Among the participants were also spokespersons of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, German Aerospace Center, and other organisations. What did they talk about at such a highly representative assembly?

A Professor from Portugal Explained the Advantages of Russian Education

International students appealed to the Government of Russia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Federal Security Service to let them return to Russia and continue their studies. The level of education is at stake here. A Professor at the University of Madeira (UMa) in this interview explains why Russian universities are still popular worldwide and what career one may build in Europe with a Russian diploma in hand.

A Unique Exposition Held at the Mining Museum

The Mining Museum's archives were found to store records on which is based the world's first-ever technique of silicate replica smelting.