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Mining University scientist talks about research in hydrogen transportation

Georgy Buslaev, head of the Green Energy section of the Arctic Competence Center, took part in an online meeting of the working group on hydrogen created as part of the Russian-German Feedstock Forum. He spoke at the session "System Concepts", where scientific problems related to the creation of an integrated value chain from the production of the lightest gas in nature to its shipment to the consumer were discussed.

Germany wants to produce hydrogen from Russian gas

The German energy agency Dena called the proposal of Russian colleagues to build a pilot plant at the Nord Stream exit point to produce the lightest gas in nature by pyrolysis of methane a “great idea.” It is planned to be used in power engineering and transport: it is known that since recently, H2 is considered in Europe as one of the tools to achieve carbon neutrality. However, according to scientists, first, it is necessary to build a test site and carefully study the entire technological chain. Otherwise, such projects may turn out to be unprofitable and unsafe.

Intrigues of diamond discoverers, or who was the first to find the “Mir”

In the summer of 1955, three geologists of the Amakinskaya expedition sent a secret radiogram to their superiors: "We smoked a peace pipe, the tobacco is excellent. Avdeyenko, Elagina, Khabardin". According to the official version, they are considered the discoverers of one of the largest primary diamond deposits in Russia... But there are still disputes about the authorship of the discovery.