Oil workers from the sixty countries are coming to Saint-Petersburg to visit the Future Leaders Forum

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Kirill Molodtsov, the Assistant Head of the RF President’s Administration, who is on a working visit to St. Petersburg, gave his comments on why the Youth forum of the World Petroleum Council has been so greatly supported by our country’s leaders.

- Dear Kirill, why do our country’s leaders, in your opinion, pay such close attention to the Future Leaders Forum?

- All internationally held events are potentially useful not only for the industry professionals but also for the future industry leaders. Therefore, the Future Leaders Forum of the World Petroleum Council is an event that should be supported. There is also an intense interest towards the Forum from our country.

In connection with this, we expect that over a thousand industry specialists will attend the Mining University, which is the hosting party of the event. The participants of the meeting are both industry experts and future specialists – the future leaders who will be responsible for processing and extracting hydrocarbon raw material in thirty years from now or probably even fifty years. In this way, the Russian Federation, as the world leader of the oil and gas industry, supports the initiatives such as the Future Leaders Forum and pays specific attention to hosting these kinds of events at the venues of our largest and most prepared universities.

- Would you say that it was a right decision to choose the Mining University as the hosting venue?

- Yes, it is actually one of the most reasonable decisions, which was made in relation to holding big events in the last five to six years. The Mining University is an absolute leader of the oil and gas industry, the undisputed leader of the iron ore industry. This university is not only a place for professional and highly-qualified personnel but also a point of attraction for industry specialists. For every young person at the beginning of the career, visiting the Mining University is a unique opportunity to talk to academic teaching staff, a chance to attend the lectures, see the Mining Museum – all in all, this is an experience of a lifetime.

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- What outcomes do you expect from the Forum?

- This is, indeed, an interesting question. The foreign specialists visiting our country are mainly representatives of international companies, and we have been actively cooperating with these companies. Despite the sanctions, there is quite a wide range of people interested in developing relations between the Russian Federation and other countries. We have multiple projects, such as the development of deposits in the Arctic Region, oil and gas projects related to extracting HTR oil reserves, and we expect technological breakthroughs in connection with this.

Besides, the Forum is a place for discussing relevant topical issues. The mere fact that the Forum will act as a platform for communication for the youth – it is what we are expecting from the event.


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