Phosagro is going to build a new plant in Volkhov for 23 billion rubles


Phosagro is going to build a new plant in Volkhov for 23 billion rubles

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On Tuesday, 26 March, it was reported that the PhosAgro Group would invest 23 billion rubles in the construction of the system for the phosphate-based fertilizers production at the Metachem plant in Volkhov.

The company's fertilizers production volume is expected to grow from 200 thousand to 834 thousand tons.

According to PhosAgro's plans, the plant will produce sulphuric acid and liquid ammonia and finished product warehouses will be built. The company also plans to modernize the production of wet-process phosphoric acid, increasing it from 100 thousand tons to 500 thousand tons per year. The processing of apatite concentrate will increase from 300 thousand tons to 1.3 million tons per year.

Construction of the system will begin this year and will be completed by 2023. The enterprise will provide the region with 200 new jobs.

Andrei Guriev, PhosAgro's CEO, said that the plant's products in the Leningrad Region are designed for the domestic and foreign markets. The company will continue to export their products to Europe and to Latin America.

Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko stated that PhosAgro would become a key taxpayer in the region.

"PhosAgro's successful experience in the region demonstrates it to our potential partners that we are the leaders of the Russian investment rating for a reason and we are ready to work with world-renowned companies," the Head of Leningrad Region said.

Besides, the company bought the Metachem plant in Volkhov in 2012.

As we have been informed earlier, by 2024 Russia will have invested 500 billion rubles in the chemical industry projects.

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