Russia and Germany Need a Strategic Compact on Global Energy Cooperation


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Why Lebanese Graduates from Russia Are in Demand in Beirut?

Ammonium nitrate explosion, which took place at the port of the city of Beirut on 4 August 2020, caused significant damage to the surrounding areas and resulted in over 200 deaths. The tragic accident once again brought into the focus problems Lebanon is experiencing. Strange as it may seem, but the Russian higher school may have solutions to help deal with the explosion's consequences.
So what is happening in the country now?

Putin awarded the Rector of Mining university with the order for services to the fatherland, II degree

The head of State highly appreciated the activity of the head of the first technical university of Russia.

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How Come Graduates of Russian Universities Manage to Earn Top Positions in the Congo Republic?

The sun-baked land of Africa is painted bright red. It owes this colour to the high content of iron oxide in the soil. In this story, a graduate of St. Petersburg Mining University from the Congo (pictured to the right) provides an insight into the way mining industry works in his homeland. He also explains in what fundamental way he differs from local specialists.