"The Journal of Mining Institute" has been approved for inclusion in Scopus

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The journal of the Mining University, which is celebrating this year its 112th anniversary, has been accepted for inclusion in the Scopus database. A request for inclusion in the database was accepted by the Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB). The indexing process for Scopus will start within the next three months.

Publications in the journals with high impact factor are very important, as they give a possibility to estimate the contribution of a particular scientist to advancement of the research subject. Over 24 thousand periodicals, including 340 Russian titles, as well as books and materials of academic conferences are indexed by Scopus. Now the researchers, who publish in the "The Journal of Mining Institute", will also have a possibility to monitor their own scientific progress by making use of such indicators as citation rate or amount of publications.

Through the inclusion in Scopus, the relevancy, recognizability and significance of the journal are increased. Thus, the journal will have a higher chance of contributing with high-profile Russian and foreign scientists.

Becoming indexed by Scopus also means new opportunities for the staff of the Mining University, for up to 50% of the journal’s contents is comprised of their articles. In particular, the readership and, consequently, Hirsch index will be increased. Hirsch index is one of the main indicators of the scientific progress of the researcher. Moreover, it straightly affects remuneration. For instance, compensation package at the Mining University depends on complying with mandatory thresholds of citedness.

As Scopus Title Evaluation Support noted, commenting on the decision to include "The Journal of Mining Institute" in its database, "The journal consistently includes articles that are scientifically sound and relevant to an international academic or professional audience in this field. The journal also has clear aims and scope that are consistent with the journal's content".

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