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How to save money on the environment

Russia's first Aframax-class medium-tonnage tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” has completed its sea trials and set sail heading for South Africa, where it is to deliver the oil loaded in its hold at the port of Nakhodka.

Why our detonators are popular in Europe

In 2020, for the first time in Finnish history, a mass explosion was carried out without the use of TNT and dynamite. It was loaded exclusively with Russian-made cartridges and detonators. The head of the department for new projects at Azot-Blast, the largest company in Russia and the CIS for the production of drilling and blasting agents, talked about what radical changes have taken place in the industry and how to build a successful career today.

Mining University - the best participant of the all-time case-in championship

St. Petersburg Mining University became the leader of the updated rating of the International Engineering Championship CASE-IN, compiled according to the results of student teams' performances over all seasons. The university took first place in the categories “Geological Exploration” and “Mining.” In addition, its teams ranked in the top three in “Oil and Gas” and “Electric Power.”