The World’s Largest Piece of Ural Malachite Turned 245 Years Old


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Young engineer: how to save half a billion...

At first glance, building a career in the Far North is a bold, if not daring decision. However, it is there that the largest oil fields in Russia are located, so, combined with harsh winters and remoteness from megacities, local specialists have an opportunity to achieve rapid success in their efforts. A St. Petersburg university graduate told how to become a leading specialist in the Production Optimization Sector of RNYuganskneftegaz just within a few years.

11 new members admitted to the Nedra University Consortium

The total number of universities in the association has reached twenty-five. Among them are the most authoritative technical and economic institutions of higher education in Russia, whose areas of study are related to training personnel for the mineral and raw materials complex of the country.

UNESCO considers improving the quality of human capital as a key factor for sustainable development

What will the global energy of tomorrow? What changes does the mining industry and oil and gas complex need in order to minimize the burden on ecosystems? Is it possible to achieve the goals of sustainable development proclaimed by the UN and at the same time to provide humanity with minerals? The participants of the large-scale International online forum “Advanced Engineering Competencies - the Future of the Mining Industry", which included representatives of UNESCO, the Russian Ministry of Energy, higher educational institutions, major specialized companies and professional communities, tried to find answers to these and other questions.