Shell is to become a sponsor for the forum of the world petroleum counsil

Shell will be a sponsor for the Youth Technical Sessions at the Future Leaders Forum of the World Petroleum Council. The event takes place this June at the Mining University. According to its organizers, it is expected that the Forum will open up new opportunities for strengthening the business component of the event.

As much as 1,200 young professionals from different countries will participate in the VI WPC Youth Forum. At the event, they will talk about their research, share their own experiences, as well as they will have a chance to participate in various trainings, workshops, panel sessions and round tables. Top managers of leading energy companies, scientists and different experts will act as moderators of the Forum.

"We truly appreciate and accept Shell’s offer to hold a Shell NXplorers workshop for our young participants, as this innovative educational program helps them to develop creative thinking skills and embrace holistic approach"
Vlada Streletskaya, Director of the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council

The British-Dutch transnational oil corporation and its consolidated companies operate in more than 70 counties. Shell Oil Company is a pioneer in LNG industry. The company is also involved in implementing a few projects in Russia, such as deposits development on the shelf of Sakhalin island, development of the Salym group of oil fields in Western Siberia, as well as participation in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.

In June 2018, Forbes named Royal Dutch Shell the world’s most successful oil and gas company. In the annual ranking Global 2000, Shell is the number 11, which is nine spots higher from the last year. The company’ s capitalization stands at $306 billion and its revenues grew to $321.8 billion. By having reached these numbers, Shell managed to replace ExxonMobil as the biggest oil company in the world.

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