An Indonesian Expat about Moving to Russia for Studies


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UNESCO Must Act as a Facilitator for Discussions on the Prospects of Hydrogen Energetics

Experts and researchers representing virtually all post-industrial and developing countries, joined by the authorities of UNESCO, as part of the work of the International Competence Centre for Mining-Engineering Education under the auspices of UNESCO, presented an analysis of recent trends in the global energy market in their relation to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How Armenia Remits The Prestige of Engineering Education

When it comes to this country, then, along with its ancient history and the biblical Mount Ararat, first of all comes to mind the world-famous cognac and the love of the nation for chess. However, first of all, Armenia has an exceptionally strong higher school.

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The Way Russian Education Is Transforming Zambia

While almost 90% of the Zambian population are employed in agriculture, the country’s economy is, however, powered by the mining sector. Is working in mining engineering considered prestigious in Zambia? What living opportunities may it provide? Here is what a Zambian-born graduate of St. Petersburg Mining University who returned back home six years ago has to say on these and other questions.