On How St. Petersburg Mining University Students Do Their Internships


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Mining University will be the site for the geographical dictation

On Sunday, November 14, at 11:00 local time in all regions of the country will be held All-Russian Geographical Dictation. This year, representatives of 109 countries will be able to assess their knowledge at several thousand sites. One of them will be the Gornyak Multifunctional Complex.

Rector of South Ural Mining University on Leadership Role of Nedra Consortium for Number of Industries

Back in the past, mining engineers from the Ural had to leave for St. Petersburg to earn a degree. However, a little over a hundred years ago, Nicholas II signed an order to establish a higher educational institution not far off the deposits rich in the critical for the country minerals. The educational establishment admitted its first students in 1917, with 306 applicants becoming first-year students. By contrast, more than 3,000 undergraduates entered the university and started their education in 2020.

Mining University Raising Future Scientific Elite

Young scientists who entered St. Petersburg Mining University’s postgraduate school this year began their studies with a two-week scientific and educational course called "Basic Competencies of a Graduate Student. Forpost decided to find out what its idea is and how it will affect the quality of promising research.