Post-graduate student of the Mining University will represent Russia at the contest for young researchers in London

The contest has been held by the UK-based Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) since 2005, when it took place for the first time. Students from different countries – China, Australia, Great Britain, South Africa among them – participate in this prestigious international competition.

This week, the regional finals of the contest for young researchers, named Young Persons’ Lecture Competition 2019, were held in Saint-Petersburg. Five participants qualified to participate in the competition, whereas only one became the winner – Suleiman Husnutdinov, post-graduate from the Mining University. He presented the report "The gold we lose – industrial wastes as a new energy source".

This year, the level of proficiency of the contest’s participants is very high, and the gaps between their results are minimal – only a few points difference between the contenders. Therefore, it was not an easy task to choose the winner. However, after a long discussion, it was decided that Suleiman’s presentation was the best one
Vladimir Bazhin, Dean of the Faculty of Mineral Processing at the Mining University

The Russian stage of the contest was held by the National Association of Mining Engineers, which was recognized as a regional representative of IOM3 only a week ago. In order to qualify for the competition, the applicants had to prove they were proficient in English as well as able to present the summary of their research.

As Amir Ayupov, the runner-up from the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, noted "It was such an incredible experience, including public presentation in English and the fact that I had to make my presentation easily comprehensible and understandable for general audience. Although I did not win, I am grateful to the National Association of Mining Engineers and the Mining University for the opportunity to participate in the regional stage of the international competition".


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