Studying in Russia and Canada: Experiences Shared by an Associate Professor from Namibia


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Spanish and Kazakh Students: We Do Not Have the Same Opportunities as Students of the Mining University Have

Ten years ago, there were 13.5 thousand degree students of foreign origins in Saint Petersburg. This number has increased to 31 thousand by now. If other education forms - such as short-term programmes or summer schools - are included, the figure rises to 38 thousand people.

St. Petersburg Technology Start-Ups Are Striving to Make It to Europe

The global pace of digitalisation is enormous, but European post-graduates in mining do not lag behind the trend - as of now, the most demanded innovative solutions in the EU are the ones that simplify work processes through the use of information technologies. Most importantly, both the EU and the companies are ready to pay for revolutionary developments. One of the institutions, whose aim is to search for the new promising projects and facilitate the financing of those, is the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT).

An Australian Student Named Some of the Rumours He Was Told to Scare Him off from Visiting Russia

When Jacob Moharram was studying at school, he was an Air Force cadet. The dreams of becoming a pilot never came true nonetheless - all because of his height. So an Australian lad decided to study geology and mining instead, and as a study destination, to the surprise of many he chose Russia.