The member of the academy of sciences gave his comments on inclusion of “The Journal of Mining Institute” in Scopus

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Leonid Weisberg, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Research and Engineering Corporation "Mekhanobr-Tekhnika" and also the Member of the Academy of Sciences, underlined the importance of inclusion of "The Journal of the Mining Institute" in the international database Scopus. Leonid Weisberg also gave his comments and provided his opinion on what it means for the scientific community.

The scientist said that getting into Scopus is a "recognition of the quality of the journal and in some way a sign of trust." He also pointed out that the journal of the Mining University stood against other core journals in the past as well, for it has been published under the name of the oldest Russian higher technical educational institution. Once the journal has been properly indexed by Scopus, its credibility will rise even further.

The fact that the journal is indexed by the Web of Science and Scopus is very important, because scientists will it find it gainful to public in the journal. Publishing in such a journal is a chance to improve scientometric indicators. The journal is also published in two languages. By combining these two factors, we can expect that the published articles will inevitably grab the attention of the world academic community. It is indeed a possibility for us to gain attention from the foreign researchers, as otherwise they do not get to see most of our publications, especially published by the universities
Leonid Weisberg

Scopus is a large-scale database and an effective tool for monitoring the citedness of publications in scientific journals. Through the use of this tool it is possible to estimate the contribution of a particular scientist to advancement of the research subject. Over 24 thousand periodicals, including 340 Russian titles, as well as books and materials of academic conferences are indexed by Scopus. Twelve journals are in the first quartile, which means that they are leading in their fields.

As an author, I am willing to get published by the "The Journal of Mining Institute." Currently, me and my colleagues have been discussing materials for publication in the journal
Leonid Weisberg

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