Saint-Petersburg Mining University during the times of Russian Empire and later USSR has always been positioning itself not only as educational institution but design engineering office of mineral resources sector as well.

Research and development complex:

Today the total area of training and laboratory complex is more than 240 000 square meters. Academic and research centers (ARC) and Common use centers (CUC) and more than 60 laboratories are situated there.

The integrated value of up-to-date instrument-laboratory facilities is more than 2 billion rubles.


  • 120 academicians and associate members of different foreign and Russian academies
  • 20 laureates of state prizes and RF government awards
  • 38 Honored Scientists and Honored workers of Higher Education
  • 7 Professor having the status of European teaching engineer

World-class projects

Development of technical equipment for deep-well drilling in extreme conditions of Antarctic.

The first successful opening of sub-glacial lake Vostok and water sample collection was at February, 5, 2012, this confirmed the world leading position of Russian science

Development of metallurgic prospecting technologies for mineral exploration.
At the basis of complex data analysis of magnetotellurgic prospecting and seismic investigations a row of oil fields with reserves of more than 30 billion tones were discovered.