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Frequently Asked Questions

Shall I legalize my educational certificates prior to enrollment to the preparatory department of Mining University?
Not necessarily. If you apply for studying at the preparatory department of Mining University, our International Students Department will take care of the legalization of your educational certificates.
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Do I have to obtain a certified translation of my documents in Russia or can I do that in my home country?
You can do it in your home country or Russia.
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If I, as a foreign national, have taken the Unified State Exam (USE) but was not satisfied with my results, can I still take the entrance exam at Mining University?
Yes, international applicants can choose to take entrance exams in one or several subjects when applying to Mining University even if they have already taken the relevant USE. However, please be aware that once you have signed up to take an entrance exam, your USE results for the corresponding subject will no longer be valid at our university.
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Can I submit my paperwork over email?
Yes, you can submit electronic copies of your documents at the initial stage of application.  However, when you arrive in St. Petersburg you will be expected to bring the originals of all copies of documents sent earlier.
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Can foreign nationals apply for tuition-free position?
Yes, you can. Citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as compatriots residing in the CIS countries can apply to tuition-free positions along with Russian citizens. Citizens of other countries can only apply for fee-based or government quota positions.
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