The Library of the University and all kinds of tools should also be included in the parish books, and class teachers, in case they need it, are issued...
The Charter of the Mining University, 1774

The Library of the Mining University is a rich collection of Russian and foreign literature supplemented annually by new books and magazines. Currently, it has collected about 1,200,000 publications on mining, geology, metallurgy, natural and technical sciences in Russian and more than 20 foreign languages. Among them - old printed publications, including the XVI century editions, one-of-the kind handwritten, books with autographs and author's litters.

The Library is the keeper of one of the most complete collections of works by George Agricola (1494-1555), the famous German scientist in the field of mining and metallurgy. For more than two centuries, the manuscript of one of the first organizers of mining in Russia, Wilhelm de Gennin (1676-1750), has been kept in the fund. A two-volume manuscript, copied by students of the Mining College in the eighties of the eighteenth century, is supplied with illustrationspainted by hand, drawings, plans of factories and workshops. For many decades this work, with a detailed description of the existing at that time facilitiesand technological processes of mining, served as a guide for several generations of miners and metallurgists.

The Library provides students and staff with basic services free of charge. Some of services are aviable online: