The Library of the University and all kinds of tools should also be included in the parish books, and class teachers, in case they need it, are issued...
The Charter of the Mining University, 1774

The Library of Mining University has a rich collection of Russian and foreign books and magazines, engravings, maps, atlases, etc. Each year, new books and other publications supplement the library fund, which presently accounts of approximately 1,200,000 items in mining, geology, metallurgy, natural and technical sciences in Russian and various foreign languages. The library collection comprises unique old printed publications, including the 16th century editions, one-of-the kind handwritten books with autographs and author's litters.

Each student, faculty and staff member has access to the main electronic library catalogue at E-catalog and E-library

Access to the Scientific Electronic Library is organized in the Reference Center (aud. 1165). Here you can do the search in catalogues through the AILS Search module MARC-sql.

Access to the SPRINGER, Web of Science, Scopus databases can be performed from any computer at the university connected to the university computer network.

The library staff provides the following consulting and reference services (free of charge):
  • search for the necessary information by the library reference and search tools
  • of the bibliographic part of the scientific works
  • compilation of bibliographic indexes
  • bibliographic, factographic, clarifying and thematic references
Services on a fee-paying basis:
  • Xerox copies of documents
  • Issuance of a library card instead of the lost original one