In the Mining University, foreign citizens have been trained since 1946. During this period, there was a fairly clear system of education and a vast experience of working with foreign students. Over the years, over 6000 foreign citizens from more than 80 countries of the world have been trained in various specialties and scientific fields within the University.

The full reconstruction of the University, carried out in recent years, has resulted in the appearance of modern classrooms, computer classes and centers, laboratories equipped with the latest instruments and installations. All this makes the University attractive for foreign citizens seeking education that meets modern international requirements.

Training is carried out according to the following types of training:
  • pre-university training (preparatory department and short-term Russian language courses)
  • preparation of bachelors, masters, specialists
  • Postgraduate training (postgraduate, doctoral, internship)
  • partial training (under the included training program).

Foreign citizens are trained both at the expense of the Federal Budget of the Russian Federation and on a contract basis, at a cost approved annually by the Academic Council of the University.

The enrollment of foreign citizens to the university is carried out on the basis of:
  • the results of the entrance exams (for citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who have the right to enter universities of the Russian Federation on a competitive basis, that is, on a general basis with Russian citizens).
  • directions of the International Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (for persons arriving for study on the state line)
  • the results of the introductory tests and the contract awarded


Currently, 800 foreign students from 81 countries of the world are studying at the University. 217 people are trained Under the contract, 534 at the expense of the federal budget of the Russian Federation. Graduate students - 49 people.

In addition, the University annually hosts n & n; 10-15 students of European partner universities from France, Germany, Spain, Poland, including the "double diploma" program.

To attract foreign students to study on exchange programs, the Academic Council of the University allocates individual grants at its own expense in the amount of 17,000 rubles a month. And also provides accommodation in comfortable apartments of the University's hotel complex.