How to apply

How to apply

How to apply

Please start with sending an e-mail at and you will receive detailed explanations.

You will be expected to submit:

  1. A Xerox copy of your passport

  2. An application form

  3. The original and a certified copy of your educational certificate; transcripts (of secondary education, Bachelor’s degree, Engineer’s degree, Master’s degree) legalized in due course

  4. Fluorography certificate

  5. Medical certificate 

  6. Six photos (3x4 sm)

If you need a visa to enter the Russian Federation, you must submit your documents no later than April 30. The University will send you an official visa invitation letter for you to apply for a student visa at the Russian Embassy (Consulate) in your home country.

If you do not need visa to enter the Russian Federation, you should submit your documents to Mining University no later than July 10.

If you are going to apply to the Preparatory Department, you should submit your documents no later than August 31.

All documents must be translated into Russian and certified either by the Embassy (Consulate) of the Russian Federation in the country that issued the document on education or a Russian notary. 

Choose your educational program
If you feel that your Russian is not good enough to study in Russian, you can apply for the language training program that University offers at the Preparatory Department: an intensive 9-month Russian course, aimed at equipping international students with all the skills needed for studying at a Russian university. Program graduates receive certificates required for entering Mining University or other Russian higher education institutions. Prepare the full set of documents (see above) and submit your application via e-mail or courier service.
If the Admission Commission approves of your documents, Mining University will provide you with the official Invitation Letter needed for applying for student visa. The electronic invitation will be sent to the e-mail you indicated in the application form.
Apply for visa at the Russian Embassy (Consulate) at your home country. Please note that all international visitors to Russia are required to get a migration registration upon their arrival in Russia. Take entrance examinations in Mathematics and Russian at the University, and if you meet the entry requirements you will be admitted to the University.

Sign the contract.
Pay the tuition fees. Students are responsible for paying their tuition fees, airplane tickets, housing and living expenses, as well as health insurance. Tuition fees are calculated based on the cost of the chosen program and housing option, as well as the availability of grants and scholarships.
Read more about tuition fees at the Fees and Funding section of the website.