Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Almost any foreign citizen who has received a secondary education and knows the Russian language at the required level has the right to apply for a place in an educational institution in Russia. It is much easier to solve the question of how a foreigner to enter a Russian university for paid tuition is much easier than in the case of budget places. 

On a commercial basis, you can study in any university in any specialty. To get an education for free, you must pass a competitive selection: apply for a quota. Exchange programs, scholarships, grants are also a good option. In any case, you need to confirm the level of their knowledge and motivation. 

The following categories of foreigners who at the time of entering the university permanently reside in Russia can apply for budget places on a par with Russian citizens (1992 Agreement):

  • Abkhazia;

  • Azerbaijan;

  • Armenia;

  • Belarus;

  • Georgia;

  • Kazakhstan;

  • Kyrgyzstan, Latvia;

  • Lithuania;

  • Moldavia;

  • Tajikistan;

  • Turkmenistan;

  • Ukraine;

  • Estonia;

  • South Ossetia.

Participants of the State Program for the resettlement of Russians from abroad, compatriots living abroad.

 Basic general conditions for foreign applicants:

  • complete education at the previous level - when enrolling for a bachelor's qualification level it will be a school certificate, if a foreigner claims a place in the master's program, a bachelor's degree is needed, and graduate school, of course, will not enroll without a qualification of a specialist (master);

  • knowledge of the Russian language at the level required for learning - classes are held in the national language, there are no exceptions for foreigners, therefore knowledge of the language is also important, because otherwise it is impossible to get a truly high-quality education;

  • availability of valid permits, on the basis of which a foreign student lives in Russia.