Double PhD Program

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Double PhD Program

Recognizing the mutual interest in enhancing research and developing of doctoral training Mining University and TU Bergakademie Freiberg in Germany have set up a Double Degree PhD Program. In accordance with the program’s guideline the student is accepted as a PhD student in both universities according to the rules and conditions of the respective university. There will be one version of PhD thesis firstly defended at student’s home university and afterwards at the partner university. Upon successful thesis defense and completion of the Double PhD Program the students are awarded PhD Certificate/Diploma by both universities.

Programs available

All programs of mutual interest

Special Provisions of the Program

  • Joint supervision of a PhD thesis
  • Thesis topic is offered by the home university and should be confirmed by the partner university
  • A student shall conduct degree-related research at the host university for a minimum of one semester (6 months)
  • Joint publication by the phd student and the supervisor from the partner university is required
  • PhD thesis is written in Russian, German or English
  • Synopsis of a thesis is written in English only


1st and 2nd year PhD students with good academic background and minimum B2 level of English or German


Individually in each case depending on the applicant’s achievements and program chosen

Spots available

Maximum 3 spots annually

Fees and funding

Students admitted to the Double PhD Program are personally responsible for all costs related to the program, including travel, accommodation and other costs. Students may apply for a scholarship if scholarships are available. The amount of any possible scholarship will be specified separately to students.