Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances
18.04.01 Chemical Technology

In the process of training in this program, students can acquire professional technical culture, i.e., the readiness and ability of an individual to use in their activity the knowledge and skills to ensure the implementation of calculations of chemical and technological redistribution and the implementation of design developments. Students are trained for the creative application of acquired knowledge in creating new and improving existing technological processes and devices, understanding the social significance of their future profession.

Reasons for choosing a course
  • High demand for specialists of this specialization in the labor market
  • The opportunity to engage in scientific activities under the guidance of department staff with writing articles in peer-reviewed and cited journals
  • The possibility of internship at foreign partner universities
  • The opportunity to study at foreign partner universities with the issuance of internationally recognized diplomas.

18.04.01 Chemical Technology
Mode of attendance
2 years
Admission tests
Field-specific entrance examination, degree Grade Point Average, graduation evaluation
Total expected intake
State-financed openings
Tuition fees
260 000 RUB per year
Career opportunities
Graduates of this program get employed by leading companies in the mineral, fuel and energy, mining and metallurgical complexes. They work at research and design departments, at enterprises and consulting companies as technologists, technical managers, etc.
Field of study
  • Philosophical aspects of science and technology
  • Economic analysis and production management
  • Theoretical and experimental research methods in chemistry
  • Business foreign language
  • Mass transfer processes in systems involving the solid phase
  • Heat transfer in heterogeneous systems
  • Dispersed mechanics
  • Additional chapters of the processes and devices course
  • Modern issues in chemical technology
  • History and methodology of chemical technology
  • Design of inorganic synthesis enterprises
Our alumni
Graduate professional skills
  • Ability to find creative solutions for social and professional tasks and readiness to take non-standard decisions
  • Ability to operate modern equipment and devices in the sphere of their professional training Competencies in the use of methods of mathematical modeling of materials and technological processes, theoretical analysis and experimental verification of theoretical hypotheses
  • Ability to justify the adoption of specific technical solutions in the development of technological processes and select technical tools and technologies, taking into account the environmental consequences of their use
  • Capability to apply the methods of mathematical analysis and modeling, theoretical and experimental research, conduct laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial tests, analyze and process the data
  • Skills to develop educational documentation for the implementation of educational programs

Additional opportunities
Learning foreign languages (English, German, French) in addition to studying Russian
University departments invite foreign lecturers to teach courses or deliver lectures on particular topics. These courses are taught in foreign languages.
Acquiring skills in working with modern software complexes and equipment
Research activities under the guidance of department professor and associate professors