Environmental monitoring and environmental protection
05.04.06 Ecology and nature management

Students advance their working skills studying at modern environmental laboratory using state-of-the-art instrumental base for analytic monitoring of the atmospheric air, surface and ground water, and soils, mastering modern methods of biological, chemical and geophysical monitoring of environmental components. They learn to independently develop environmental protection measures to ensure the environmental safety of the national economy and other spheres of human activity, as well as the basics of paperwork and manuals and the activities of environmental laboratories. Students can engage in independent research, which will continue their education in postgraduate school, participate in the writing of scientific articles, submit applications for and execute domestic and foreign grants.

Reasons for choosing a course
  • Studying at Mining University provides the opportunity to take internships at research or design institutes, which simplifies and expedites career development
  • On-going growth in demand for qualified environmentalists among employers, especially in new industrial enterprises, where work on modern equipment is envisaged
  • This profession is equally suitable for both men and women
  • The work of an environmental specialist develops diverse human skills: flexibility, diplomacy, stress resistance
  • The possibility of inclusive education at foreign partner universities with the issuance of international standard diplomas

05.04.06 Ecology and nature management
Mode of attendance
2 years
Admission tests
Field-specific entrance examination, degree Grade Point Average, graduation evaluation
Total expected intake
State-financed openings
Tuition fees
260 000 RUB per year
Career opportunities
Graduates of this specialization take environmental positions: environmental engineers, environmentalist, heads of environmental departments at such enterprises as OAO Gazprom, OAO Surgutneftegaz, Russian Railways, Mekhanobr Engineering, JSC, Polymetal JSC or run an independent successful businesses.. The field of graduate professional activity includes: environmental units of leading industrial companies; research and design organizations; federal government agencies that manage environmental protection; services for environmental monitoring, environmental safety, chemical analysis laboratories.
Field of study
  • Computer technologies and statistical methods in ecology and nature management
  • Environmental economics and environmental management
  • Industrial environmental monitoring
  • Chemical processes in the environment
  • Modern methods of environmental monitoring
  • Modern methods of wastewater treatment
  • Modern methods of reclamation and bioremediation
  • Utilization of industrial and household waste
  • Organization of environmental laboratory activities
  • Energy saving technologies
Our alumni
Graduate professional skills
  • Ability to organize the work of an environmental department or laboratory
  • Practical skills in organizing accounting and control of project documentation
  • Ability to develop projects and sections on environmental protection and reports on engineering and environmental surveys
  • Research and experimental assessment of the effects of atmospheric precipitation on the environment (or the assessment and prevention of environmental pollution and emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere)
  • Practical skills in monitoring compliance with the regimes of environmental facilities, compliance with environmental standards and regulations, analysis of the environmental situation and ways for its improvement

Additional opportunities
Learning foreign languages (English, German, French) in addition to studying Russian
University departments invite foreign lecturers to teach courses or deliver lectures on particular topics. These courses are taught in foreign languages.
Acquiring skills in working with modern software complexes and equipment
Research activities under the guidance of department professor and associate professors