Production Technology of Electric and Thermal Energy
13.04.01 Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering

In the process of training under this program, students study the arrangement of steam and gas turbines, the arrangement of steam boilers, the arrangement and principles of operation of thermal and nuclear power plants, the arrangement and principles of operation of renewable and alternative energy sources, the arrangement of heat exchangers for various purposes, the arrangement and principles of designing district heating networks. The main emphasis in training is on thermophysics and thermodynamics

Reasons for choosing a course
  • Universality of training in this speciality
  • Large choice of places for practical training with the possibility of further employment
  • The opportunity to engage in scientific activities during training at St. Petersburg Mining University
  • Widespread demand on the job market for specialized personnel for enterprises of mineral raw materials and fuel and energy complexes

13.04.01 Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering
Mode of attendance
2 years
Admission tests
Field-specific entrance examination, Diploma grade-point average, Final qualifying work grade
Number of contract-based openings
State-financed openings
Tuition fees
130 000 RUB per semester
Career opportunities
Graduates of the department presently work and are in demand at various enterprises: Concern Rosenergoatom JSC; Leningrad, Kola, Kalinin NPPs; Fuel and Energy Complex SUE of St. Petersburg; Heat Generating Company TGK-1 OJSC; St. Petersburg Heating Grid OJSC, etc. in such positions as shift supervisors, reactor control engineers, workshop and site managers, district chief engineers, boiler equipment engineers, turbine equipment engineers, etc
Field of study
  • Automation of control of thermomechanical equipment and systems
  • Fundamentals of the theory of operation of heat power plants and systems
  • System analysis and modeling of heat energy processes and systems
  • Reliability of technical systems and technological risks in power systems
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Steam-gas and gas turbine plants
  • Performance modes and operation of thermal power plants and nuclear power plants
  • Production of thermal and electric energy using alternative and renewable energy sources
Our alumni
Graduate professional skills
  • Skills in engineering and design of boiler plants
  • Skills in engineering and design of heating networks
  • Skills in using modern measuring instruments, conducting energy audits
  • Ability to carry out operation and maintenance of heating networks and heat supply sources
  • Skills in engineering and design of devices based on renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Skills in engineering and design of the main and auxiliary equipment of thermal power plants

Additional opportunities
Learning foreign languages (English, German, French) in addition to studying Russian
University departments invite foreign lecturers to teach courses or deliver lectures on particular topics. These courses are taught in foreign languages.
Acquiring skills in working with modern software complexes and equipment
Research activities under the guidance of department professor and associate professors