Blasting Work
21.05.04 Mining Engineering

In the course of training in this specialization, students become familiar with the theories of detonation and explosion, mining technologies in open and underground mining, quality control methods for blasting rock mining, advanced equipment used in mining, computer technologies for modeling and designing drilling and blasting operations, regulatory documentation governing blasting, and safety rules when operating explosive materials.

Reasons for choosing a course
  • Broad demand in the market of specialized personnel with in-depth knowledge of the features of drilling and blasting operations at the enterprises of the mineral resource complex
  • An integrated approach to learning, which includes a classic approach to the study of explosives and modern methods of teaching theoretical and practical skills
  • Prospects to engage in scientific activities during training at the base of Mining University
  • The possibility of inclusive education at foreign partner universities with the issuance of international standard diplomas.

21.05.04 Mining Engineering
Mode of attendance
5,5 years
Admission tests
Mathematics, Physics, Russian
Total expected intake
State-financed openings
Tuition fees
260 000 RUB per year
Career opportunities
Graduates of the blasting work specialization are in demand in various sectors of economic activity: the development of mineral and hydropower resources, exploration and construction of roads and railways, production of mass explosions in mines and quarries, construction of hydroelectric tunnels and hydroelectric systems and facilities, shelving mountain roads, highways and railways etc. The graduates can work in mining as masters, engineers, leading engineers, heads of sections (workshops) of blasting, scientific workers and heads of research teams at enterprises and organizations in research institutes related to the development, manufacture, transportation, storage, use, accounting, destruction, processing of explosive materials.
Field of study
  • Chemistry of explosives
  • Physical basis of deformation and destruction of solids
  • Wave processes in the rock mass under dynamic loading
  • Industrial explosives and initiation agents
  • Theory of explosive detonation
  • Physical processes of rock breakage in the process of during drilling and blasting operations
  • Technology of blasting breakage dimensional stone
  • Shooting and blasting operations in the oil and gas industry
  • Industrial safety and organization of blasting operations
  • Blasting work in civil engineering
Our alumni
Graduate professional skills
  • Basic engineering training
  • Skills in modeling and designing drilling and blasting operations on computers
  • Practical skills in working with a modern range of initiation means
  • Ability to substantiate the technology, calculate the main technological parameters and draw up design, and estimate documentation for efficient and safe drilling and blasting operations
  • Skills to work with a modern assortment, compositions, properties and scope of industrial explosive materials, equipment and explosive devices.

Additional opportunities
Learning foreign languages (English, German, French) in addition to studying Russian
University departments invite foreign lecturers to teach courses or deliver lectures on particular topics. These courses are taught in foreign languages.
Acquiring skills in working with modern software complexes and equipment
Research activities under the guidance of department professor and associate professors