Open mining operations
21.05.04 Mining

During the education in this major, students get acquainted with the methods of safe, environmentally sound, resource-saving and cost-effective technologies of the development of solid mineral deposits by open-cast; master the methods of design, construction, operation, reconstruction and re-equipment of mining enterprises, including using information technologies; master the methods of geologic-mining evaluation of mineral deposits and the legal frameworks of subsoil use; study the processes and mechanization of open-cast mining of solid mineral deposits.

Reasons for choosing a course
  • Integrated approach to education, which includes a classic approach to the study of open mining operations technology and the modern methods of learning with all the necessary theoretical and practical skills
  • Wide demand on the job market and the possibility of employment in almost any region in positions with high wages
  • The possibility of practical training and internships in the largest Russians and world's companies
  • Acquiring skills to work with software products of general and special purpose
  • Possibilities for conducting research activities during education at the laboratory facilities of St. Petersburg Mining University
  • The possibility of exchange education in foreign partner universities with the issuance of internationally recognized diplomas

21.05.04 Mining
Mode of attendance
5.5 years
Admission tests
Mathematics, Physics, Russian
Total expected intake
State-financed openings
Tuition fees
260 000 RUB per year
Career opportunities
Graduates of this major are employed as technical and engineering employees in mining, planning, design and related departments of mining and refining facilities, mines, coal mines and quarries of major mining companies such as: PhosAgro, Polymetal, Severstal, SUEK, ALROSA and others, as well as senior and leading specialists in expert and supervisory services.
Field of study
  • Processes of open mining operations
  • Implementation of design and construction of quarries
  • Field development systems
  • Information technologies in mining (with the basics of computer-aided design)
  • Hydraulic excavation and underwater mining of solid minerals
  • Product quality management for quarries
  • Planning of open mining operations
  • Rational use and protection of natural resources
  • Systems of automated design of open mining operations
  • Design of quarries
Eminent alumni
Graduate professional skills
  • Readiness to perform a feasibility study, comprehensively substantiate the operational decisions made and implemented, find ways to improve production efficiency, facilitate the provision of enterprise departments with the necessary technical data, regulations, materials, equipment
  • Readiness to perform technical management of mining and blasting operations, as well as work to ensure the functioning of equipment and technical systems of mining production
  • Readiness to plan and perform theoretical, experimental and laboratory studies, process the results obtained using modern information technology
  • Knowledge of the processes, technologies, and mechanization of open mining and blasting operations
  • Ability to develop separate parts of construction, reconstruction and re-equipment projects of open-pit mining facilities, design and technical documentation taking into account industrial and environmental safety requirements

Дополнительные возможности во время обучения
Свободное владение одним из иностранных языков;
Возможно изучение отдельных дисциплин на иностранном языке с привлечением приглашенных профессоров.
Получение навыков работы с современными программными комплексами по оценке инвестиционных проектов (ALT-invest)
Получение навыков стратегического планирования и технико-экономической оптимизации параметров горных работ (Gemcom Whittle);