Technology and Technique of Mineral Exploration
21.05.03 Geological Exploration Technology

In the process of training in this program, students study issues related to the characteristics of the construction of wells for various purposes: for prospecting for gold, diamond, coal, iron and other solid mineral deposits, as well as hydrogeology. They acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of geology, geophysics, construction of mine workings, mechanics, etc. Gain skills to further develop technologies and control the technique of mining and exploration workings used for various purposes - from hydrogeology to exploration of mineral deposits.

Reasons for choosing a course
  • Great demand in the market of specialized personnel for the positions of engineers, technologists, etc.
  • The possibility of future employment in an interesting and highly paid position in exploration and mining industries
  • Acquisition of a wide range of knowledge in many areas of industry
  • Ability to engage in scientific activities during training at the St. Petersburg Mining University
  • The possibility of employment in foreign companies.

21.05.03 Geological Exploration Technology
Mode of attendance
5,5 years
Admission tests
Mathematics, Physics, Russian
Total expected intake
State-financed openings
Tuition fees
260 000 RUB per year
Career opportunities
Graduates of this specialization are in demand in all industries. Classical technical training gives graduates broad prospects both in mining and geological production, and in other areas of engineering and production, e.g., in mechanics and repairs of motor vehicles. After graduation, our specialists are engaged in industrial, scientific, design or management activities as a technologist, chief engineer, head of industrial organizations, scientific and design organizations of drilling equipment.
Field of study
  • Well-drilling
  • Geology
  • Drilling machines and mechanisms
  • Controlled well-drilling
  • Geophysical exploration of wells
  • Sampling methods for well-drilling
  • Modern technologies of well-drilling for solid minerals
  • Environmental engineering in well-drilling
  • Exploitation and maintenance of geology-prospecting equipment
  • Well-drilling for liquid and gaseous resources
Our alumni
Graduate professional skills
  • Ability to solve professional problems in accordance with the types of professional activity, in particular, to design and organize mining and drilling operations in combination with other geological exploration technologies to solve various applied and research problems in the search and exploration of mineral deposits and groundwater and when carrying out engineering and geological surveys and geotechnical works
  • Skills in designing field mining and drilling operation;
  • Ability to professionally monitor trends and directions for the development of efficient geological exploration technologies; to show interest in the development of related areas; to find and implement measures for improving the performance of geological exploration technologies; to use computers at various stages of processing geological information evaluate property, including land and subsoil and the effectiveness of investments in the industry
  • Ability to ensure the development and implementation of environmental protection technologies with minimal environmental consequences for the subsoil and the environment
  • Experience in working with staff, carrying out estimates and financial calculations and measures that reduce production costs

Additional opportunities
Learning foreign languages (English, German, French) in addition to studying Russian
University departments invite foreign lecturers to teach courses or deliver lectures on particular topics. These courses are taught in foreign languages.
Acquiring skills in working with modern software complexes and equipment
Research activities under the guidance of department professor and associate professors