Unique geological objects of Russia

Short-Term Programmes

Unique geological objects of Russia

The programme is aimed to acquire skills of geological observations and geological mapping, to obtain additional knowledge in the field of structural geology, geo-mapping, stratigraphy, paleontology and geomorphology as well as geology of mineral deposits and groundwater resources on the base of real field observations in Crimea Mountains.

The programme includes gaining practical skills of field geological observations, drawing up geological map and making paleomtological investigations.

Тarget audience: students and PhD students in geosciences, as well as specialists in geology and materials sciences.

The program is created by the academic stuff of the Department of Historical and Dynamic Geology of Mining University.

The following types of work are performed: geological mapping; geological excursions; current processing of field materials, the final report preparation. Summer school participants will visit a number of geological, industrial and cultural excursions (Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai and Evpatoria, the Livadia Palace, salt lakes and the cave city of Chufut-Kale, etc.).

Target group
Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate
Quantity of participants
From 10 to 20
B2 English level / Basic knowledge of the specifics
13 days
Summer School Programme
Cultural Programme
Crimean peninsula, training area of the Mining University
300 €
Main subjects
  • Geological structure of the Crimean peninsula
  • Geological activity of the Black Sea
  • Quaternary sediments of the Crimean steppe
  • Fieldwork within the Lower and Upper Cretaceous sediments the Crimean Mountains
  • Geological monuments of the Crimean Mountains
  • Geological mapping and structural geology
  • Marble caves, salt-pans, mineral springs and hydrogeology of Crimea
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