St. Petersburg – Window to Russia Historical and Cultural Context

Short-Term Programmes

St. Petersburg – Window to Russia Historical and Cultural Context

The program is an introduction to history and semiotics of the Russian culture through getting to know St. Petersburg and its museum collections. The title paraphrases a name of St. Petersburg, “Window to Europe”. The program offers a unique opportunity to learn Russia’s cultural heritage through St. Petersburg.

The curriculum includes classroom and extramural activities. The classes (lectures and practice) deal with various aspects of the Russian culture: architecture, fine arts, literature, and folklore, as well as semiotics of culture. They tell about cultural and historical phenomena that have formed the Russian cultural context, and teach how to recognize and interpret significant cultural images.

The extramural activities are excursions to museums and around St. Petersburg’s historical districts. They may vary depending on the season and attendees’ interests. All activities are held by professionals in cultural studies, philology, arts.

The program offers:
- unique St. Petersburg experiences;
- opportunities to see museum collections and architectural treasures of St. Petersburg under scholar guidance;
- knowledge of Russia’s history and understanding of the Russian culture in contemporary context.

The program targets undergraduate to postgraduate students in any fields who are interested in the Russian culture. The contents and agenda are customizable upon demand.

Target group
Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate
Quantity of participants
From 10 to 20
B2 English level / Basic knowledge of the specifics
13 days
Summer School Programme
Cultural Programme
Residence hall
300 €
Main subjects
  • Russia's cultural heritage: symbols in historical and cultural contexts
  • Peoples of Russia: ethnic diversity in history, traditions, folklore
  • Russian traditional culture and folklore
  • World religions in Russia
  • Aesthetics of the Russian architecture
  • Classical mythology in Russian arts
  • Russian arts and literature in the 19th century – the Golden Age
  • The Silver Age of the Russian culture
  • The Soviet Union era: culture and ideology
How to enroll? Follow these steps
Choose the programme you are interested in
Make sure that you meet the requirements
Wait for the manager’s respond and follow the manager’s instructions