Mining Museum: the Evolution of Life on Earth

Short-Term Programmes

Mining Museum: the Evolution of Life on Earth

The programme of the International Summer School “Mining Museum: the Evolution of Life on Earth” is created by the academic stuff of the Geological prospecting Department.

Participants are offered to visit lectures and master classes dedicated to such geological topics as the origin of the Earth, determination of its age, the formation of various hypotheses explaining the shape of the Earth, etc.

During the practice our participants will see meteorites, identify paleontological finds and use them to try to determine the rock age etc.

In addition to the main programme participants will have a chance to see the famous Sablinsky caves, get acquainted with the glacial forms of relief in the Vyborg park "Monrepo", etc.

High school students, students, PhD students and young scientists are invite to participate (specialties: Applied Geology).

Target group
Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate
Quantity of participants
From 10 to 20
B2 English level / Basic knowledge of the specifics
13 days
Summer School Programme
Cultural Programme
Residence hall
300 €
Main subjects
  • The origin of the Universe and the formation of the Solar system
  • Earth in outer space
  • The structure of the Earth
  • Tectonics of lithospheric plates
  • Formation of the Earth's crust
  • Geological chronology
  • Geochronology
  • Paleontology
  • Combustible minerals
How to enroll? Follow these steps
Choose the programme you are interested in
Make sure that you meet the requirements
Wait for the manager’s respond and follow the manager’s instructions