Plasma Nanotechnologies for Low-dimensional Structures Production

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Plasma Nanotechnologies for Low-dimensional Structures Production

The programme of the International Summer School “Plasma (chemical-physical) nanotechnologies for low dimensional structures production” is created by the academic stuff of the Department of General and Technical Physics in collaboration with the Department of Automation of Technological Processes and Production.

Students are offered to visit lectures and workshops on the use of plasma nanotechnologies and technologies based on the principles of molecular layering and chemical assembly of solids and materials. In addition, students will be able to become familiar with the discovery made at Mining University in the field of graphene structures and phase transition of amorphous carbon, as well as with the developed methods of synthesis of nano-coatings and nano-additives for lubricants used in mining equipment.

During the practice our participants will be able to familiarize themselves with the unique authorial installations for the synthesis of nanomaterials, as well as with the software package for evaluation of antifriction properties of nanomaterials.

In addition to the main programme, participants will have a chance to visit the Center for collective use of high-tech equipment at Mining University and the high-tech production of company «Konstanta» (St. Petersburg).

Students, PhD students and young researchers are invited to participate (specialties: "Plasma Physics", "Industrial Nanoelectronics", "Nanotechnologies (in metallurgy)", "Materials Science", "Physical Chemistry", "Solid State Chemistry", "Composite Chemistry", "Composite and Powder Materials", "Oil and Gas Processing Equipment", "Chemical technology of carbon materials", etc.).

Target group
Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate
Quantity of participants
From 10 to 20
B2 English level / Basic knowledge of the specifics
13 days
Summer School Programme
Cultural Programme
Residence hall
300 €
Main subjects
  • Plasma Nanotechnologies
  • History of Nanotechnology Discovery
  • Molecular Layering
  • Chemical Assembly of New Materials
  • Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials for Mining
  • Graphene Structures for Alternative Energetics
  • Nanomaterials for Tribotechics
  • Protective Nanostructured Coatings for Metals
  • Control of Antifriction Properties of Nanomaterials
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