Physics for High School Students

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Physics for High School Students

The program of the international summer school "Physics for high school students" was developed by the faculty of the Department of General and technical physics.

The course covers four sections: "Mechanics", "Molecular physics and thermodynamics", "Electromagnetism" and "Optics". Each section contains basic level material corresponding to the program of the course and reflects modern trends and technologies in physical education.

In addition to the main program, participants will be able to visit the Museum of cosmonautics and rocket technology as well as the Central Museum of communications.

Applicants and high school students who have chosen physics as an exam of the state final certification of graduates and want to improve and systematize their knowledge of physics are invited to participate in the Summer school.

The programme is also offered in Russian.
Программа также предлагается на русском языке.

Target group
Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate
Quantity of participants
From 10 to 20
B2 English (or Russian) level / Basic knowledge of the specifics
13 days
Summer School Programme
Cultural Programme
Residence hall
300 €
Main subjects
  • Mechanics
  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Statics and Hydrostatics
  • Molecular physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Oscillations and waves
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Optics
How to enroll? Follow these steps
Choose the programme you are interested in
Make sure that you meet the requirements
Wait for the manager’s respond and follow the manager’s instructions