Training center #3


Training center #3


Training Center #3 is located at 83 Maly Ave., Basil (Vasilievsky) Island. Its other name is the Engineering Subdivision: it was designed for training of the first and second-grade students. This is where they master all fundamental engineering disciplines, hence is the name of the site.

All auditoriums are equipped with functional furniture and modern devices, ensuring the high level of training sessions. The Training Center has 140 educational auditoriums, 21 computer classes, 20 specialized auditoriums, 38 training laboratories, and a bookshop. 

The Center has perfect conditions for comfortable athletic training. All the sports halls are equipped with modern equipment and equipment that facilitate the conduct of full-fledged classes in general physical training and sports, as well as classes aimed at organism recovery in accordance with medical indications.

83 Malyi Ave., Vasilevski Island, St.Petersburg, 199406
Total area
55 000 sq.m
Training Audience
Computer classes
Modern Labs
Libraries with reading rooms
Dining rooms
5 gyms and fitness areas
Director of the Engineering Campus
Mikhail Nikolaevich UKRAINETS
Campus #3 "Engineering"
The structure of the Engineering campus includes
  • 140 Educational auditoriums (4 500 seats altogether)
  • 21 Computer classes
  • 38 laboratories
  • 20 specialized auditoriums
  • Premises for teaching staff (280 work stations)
  • Library with reading rooms
  • A sports complex designed for a one-time lesson 600 people
  • Catering facilities, including a banquet hall
  • Bookshop