The #3 dormitory of Saint-Petersburg Mining University is located on Basil (Vasilievsky) Island, near the metro station Primorskaya.

The building has two sections: a corridor-type and a section of apartment-type units. Most of the rooms accommodate 2 or 3 people. Each room has a private bathroom. The rooms have beds and bedside cabinets for each resident, a seating area and work desks, and a shared wardrobe.

The dormitory has its own canteen with 126 seats, open 9 am – 11 pm, 7 days a week, and a well-equipped sports complex with a gym, fitness hall, billiard room, ping pong facilities, and a recreation room. Within easy reach is a multifunctional city sports complex with a football field, tennis courts, and a skating rink.

For the convenience of students, the dormitory has a self-service laundry and a computer room for 13 people with access to the Internet.

To ensure the safety of those living in the dormitory, a video surveillance and a fire alarm systems are installed. Access to the residence hall is by student badges with special chips.

46 Nalichnaya St., VO, St. Petersburg, 199397
Floor area:
16 793 sq. m.
Living space:
8 900 sq.m.
The lodging costs per person
From 3 to 7 thousand rubles per month
Head of the Dormitory
How to get to the dormitory
  • Directions from the main university building:
    Walk along the 22nd Line to Sredny Ave.; cross the avenue. At the “22nd Line” stop you can take Tram No 6 or trolleybus No 10 or route taxi (marshrutka) К-6, К-124, К-309, К-350, К-359, К-690 to the stop “Universam Gavansky” (Gavansky grocery store).
  • By public transport:
    Metro station Primorskaya.