Our people

Our people

Currently, more than 3000 lecturers and research scholars work at Mining University. 

University employees productively apply and develop modern experience and knowledge, create advanced scientific schools and innovative training courses, use the latest teaching technologies, the entire accumulated educational and scientific potential combined with the best traditions of Soviet and Russian education. 

The research centers of Mining University, its scientific, educational and technological departments in Russia and abroad, its educational and production facilities in companies and University’s educational bases ensure the highest level of training and research conducted at the University.

teaching staff

> 900

Regular lecturers teach at Mining University

> 400

Employees of foremost Russian and foreign universities and companies carry out educational and research activities at the University

> 90%

Of University’s lecturers have a scientific degree

  • Among the University staff there are over 200 members of various international and Russian academies, laureates of State and Government awards, Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation and Honored Workers of Higher School, Honorary Worker of Education of the Russian Federation.

  • Since the beginning of 2019, more than 100 young lecturers, who defended their theses, joined the teaching staff due to the opening of new areas of studies and specialities and excellent working conditions at the university.

Over 1,000 staff and invited researchers work at Mining University on the creation and implementation of modern competitive and breakthrough technologies in mineral resources and fuel and energy complexes at both federal and international levels.

This is facilitated by the development of a network of scientific and educational units on the basis of the University and subdivisions at partner companies and universities, which employ from 10 to 100 people

Over the last two years, 9 scientific and educational subdivisions of the University have been established at Russian and foreign companies in various areas of specialist training and scientific activities of the University; an active cooperation of scientists and practitioners and training of students is going in the framework of those structures. 

University departments in Germany, Finland and China have also been established. The International Competence Centre for Mining Engineering Education cooperates on a permanent basis with the British Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining IOM3, a world leader among professionals involved in the materials cycle from exploration and production to reuse of products. 


  • Austrian Department of Mining University at the basis of Leoben University Mining and Metallurgy (Austria) 

  • Research structural unit at Kola Mining and Metallurgical Complex 

  • Base university unit in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District - Ugra


  • Petrochemistry: subdivision on the basis of PJSC SIBUR Holding

  • Agrochemistry: subdivision on the basis of PJSC PhosAgro 

  • Blasting: subdivision on the basis of Orica Ltd. (Australia) 

  • Automation and energy efficiency: subdivision on the basis of Schneider Electric (France) 

  • Mechanic engineering: subdivision on the basis of Caterpillar Inc. (USA) 

  • LNG: subdivision on the basis of Shell (The Netherlands) 

  • Quality, certification, competencies: competence center on the basis of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining IOM3 (Great Britain) 

  • Processing and gasification of coal: research center on the basis of Institute of Power Engineering and Chemical Engineering, Freiberg Mining Academy and University of Technology (Germany) 

  • Finnish Department on the basis of Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) 

  • Chinese Department on the basis of China University of Mining and Technology (Xuzhou, China) 

The scientific activity of Mining University develops, among other things, on the basis of technical and experimental capabilities of the scientific centers established on the basis of the University itself.

  • The Collective Use Center for conducting analytical studies of regional problems of the mineral resource complex, available for scientists from other universities and structures  
  • Scientific and educational center for fundamental research of mineral indicators of petro and ore genesis
  • Center of Competencies in the field of engineering and technology for field development in the Arctic.
  • Scientific Center for Geomechanics and Mining Problems
  • Center for Engineering Research
  • Research Center for Mineral Processing
  • Gas Supply Training Center
  • Educational and Research Center for Digital Technologies
  • Training Center for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency
Practical training of specialists is also conducted at 7 educational and scientific bases of the Mining University.

  • Training base Sablino (The Neftanik training and research site)  
  • Training base Lighthouse (Hydrogeology area of studies)
  • Training base Kavgolovo (Geology and geophysics area of studies) Training base Solar (Geoecology area of studies)
  • Training base Kuzmolovo (Geodesy area of studies)
  • Training base Buregi (Geology and hydrogeology area of studies) Training and science base in the Republic of Crimea.