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Vice Rector for Training Scientific Personnel and Programs


Professor, Doctor of Economics

I.B. Sergeyev graduated from the Arkhangelsk Naval School in 1982 majoring as ship technician. In 1991, he graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Financial and Economy Institute majoring in economics. In 1995, he defended his PhD dissertation and got the academic degree of Candidate of Economics. In 2002, he defended his doctoral dissertation at St. Petersburg State University.

In 1988-1995, I.B. Sergeyev worked at Sevmashpredpriyatie Association as economist and then lead economist. In 1995, he began his pedagogical career. In 1995-2000, he worked at Sevmashvtuz (a branch of St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University), first as associate professor and later as the Head of the Department of Economics.

Since 2003 up to the present time, I.B. Sergeyev has worked at St. Petersburg Mining University: professor (2003); Head of the Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance (2011); Dean of the Faculty of Economics (2010).