cultural life

St. Petersburg

cultural life

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and Russia’s cultural capital. Peter the great founded it in 1703 as a "window to the West", trying to replicate the experience of Europeans, St. Petersburg has surpassed them in many ways.  The tourist infrastructure in the city is very well developed and a lively cultural life, unlike in small university towns in Europe, is guaranteed to you.

The must-see sights in Saint-Petersburg are: the Hermitage - one of the most famous museums in the world, the St. Isaac's cathedral - the most spectacular religious building, Pushkin and Pushkin and Peterhof palacesand parks complexes. A visit to one of hundreds of city theaters, a walk along the embankments of rivers and canals due to which Saint-Petersburg is called the "Northern Venice".

In the summer days, the famous "white" nights and drawbridges fall in line with the main sights of St. Petersburg.

To orient yourself in the sights of the city, its museums, palaces and parks will help you, for example,

Most cultural venues offer a discount or free admission for student.