St. Petersburg


Vasilievsky Island, where the Mining University and its hostels are located, is one of the most prosperous districts of St. Petersburg. The territory of the university and hostels is provided with round-the-clock security, video surveillance systems, all visitors to the university and campus are checked by the security service.

Besides, the security situation in St. Petersburg is no different from that in most big tourist cities in Europe. As in any big tourist city, there are scammers who can take advantage of inattentiveness of city's guests, so it's worth following some basic rules: 

  1. Do not carry a large amount of cash.  It is better to keep your documents at home or in a hotel safe, and it is advisable to carry with you a copy of your identity document.
  2. Exchange currency only in banks and special exchange offices.
  3. When taking an unofficial taxi at a railway station or airport, be aware that the price of such service is greatly overstated there, you will overpay by two or even three times.
  4. Do not stay late in quiet areas of the city. If, however, you stay there until it’s dark, it is better to take a taxi and safely get to your hotel or apartment.

Russian emergency number from a mobile phone is 112.