St. Petersburg

How to move around the city

The city size is very convenient for living - on the one hand, it allows you to feel a part of a big city, pulsating with events, and on the other hand moving around does not take too much time: you can get from one end of the city to another by metro in just 40 minutes, unlike, for instance, in Moscow. And if you live and study on Vasilievsky Island, you can get to the main attractions after studies in half an hour.

Key modes of transport in St. Petersburg:

  1. Metro. This is the most convenient, fast and safe mode of transport in the city.  Besides, it is an underground museum; each subway station is beautiful in its own way, and the escalators are among the longest in the world. You can find out about the fare and see the metro map on the official website of the subway at
  2. Traveling from St. Petersburg. It is very convenient to travel from St. Petersburg to other cities in Russia and East European countries. You can use the website of Russian Railways or international bus services bus services to purchase tickets for long-distance trains.
  3. Surface transport. Its main modes are bus, trolleybus and tram. You can either buy a ticket for all these modes of transport from a conductor or purchase a single travel card for all transport called "podorozhnik" at a metro cash desk.

    The bus routes can be divided into two groups: "social routes" and "commercial routes", so-called "Marshrutka". The most convenient way to choose your travel route around the city is through a mobile application Yandex-Transport

    The social buses have fixed routes and make stops only at the designated stops.

    The commercial buses (fixed-route minibus taxis) stop at passenger request in any authorized place, both when leaving and boarding the bus. Their routes can vary. The route number of such a bus has the letter "K" before the numbers. Payment is usually made to the driver in cash when boarding the bus.

    In order to use such commercial buses you should know the name of the place where you need to go in Russian to tell it to the driver.

  4. Taxi. A taxi can take you anywhere in the city any time of the day or night. But this will be much more expensive than public transport. By taxi, you can also go to the airport and any settlement in the Leningrad Region. The most convenient way to call a taxi is through mobile applications Gettaxi, Uber, Yandex Taxi.