Strategy and mission

University mission

Preparation of highly qualified specialists of the world level for the mineral and raw materials complex of Russia and foreign countries on the basis of the integration of the educational process with science and production, concentration of efforts to preserve and reproduce the scientific elite, retraining and improving the qualification of personnel, performing research works capable of providing an innovative breakthrough in economy of the country.

Development Strategy

  • Integration into the international educational space
  • Conducting scientific research at a level that provides their demand in the international market of scientific and technical products
  • The further development of the educational and scientific instrument base through the acquisition of modern unique equipment and devices
  • Improving the training of the university's human resources with a decent level of pay and incentive system
  • Introduction of innovations and a scientific component in the educational process, allowing to prepare specialists of a new type whose competencies will meet the vital competitive needs of Russia's mineral and raw materials complex
  • Creating comfortable working conditions for teachers, employees, graduate students, students