Welcome of the Rector of Saint-Petersburg Mining University Prof. Vladimir Litvinenko

Rector's welcome

Rector Vladimir litvinenko’s message

The Mining university in Saint-Petersburg , due to the efforts in the first place of the rector, is one of the exemplary higher educational institutions of Russia. I am sure that in terms of quality of teaching and facilities which is essential it is definitely up to the high world standard. In my judgment it is one of the global education leaders.

2018 marks the 245-th anniversary of the foundation of Saint-Petersburg Mining University. Empress Katherine II signed the Decree establishing the first higher education technical institution of Russia. The magnificent architectural ensemble decorated with the anticum with twelve columns which was specially intended for the students of the Mining Cadet Corps as it was called at that time was constructed by Andrey Voronikhin. 

Among the university alumni who have hundreds of discovered mineral deposits and designed enterprises to their names there are world-renowned geologists Aleksandr Karpinsky, Vladimir Obruchev, Dmitriy Nalivkin ,the founder of the study of oil and gas Ivan Gubkin and many others. 

Nowadays the Mining university is an alloy of the wonderfully rich traditions that are handed out from generation to generation and cutting edge technologies. Its instrumentation and laboratory base is one of the best, what is more, it is available both for the researchers and the students of core departments. Research sites of training facilities in Leningrad and Novgorod regions are at their disposal.

Due to a well-developed infrastructure and advanced level of university faculty qualification the university graduates are in demand in the labor market. The majority of them when still being students complement the labor pool of the major Russian and foreign companies-partners of the Mining university. Among them are “PhosAgro”,”Novatek”,”Gazpromneft”,”Rosneft”,”Total” and many others.

Our concern is not only training of highly qualified specialists for the domestic economy. The University is an environment for the formation of mining engineers, real Russian intellectuals –men of many accomplishments with high level of moral and ethic culture, decency and nobility of soul. 

These days Russia is changing- over to the resource-innovative model of development which stipulates technological advancement including without limitations such fields as prospecting, mining and processing of mineral resources. Science and education are the backbone of this process. Thousands of integrated patents, hundreds of medals of the most prestigious international exhibitions, dozens of Government prizes and awards, high capacity of the university graduates, which is confirmed by their performance in various sectors of economy, all these facts make it clear that the university makes a worthy contribution to the development of intellectual potential of our society, nation’s economic wealth.

For example, the scientists of the Mining university drilled a super deep borehole in the Antarctic, which made it possible to sample water from the largest subglacial lake Vostok. The lake is covered by the ice sheet almost four kilometers thick. It was isolated from the outside world during millions of years. This is a unique achievement unrivaled by nobody in the world before. 

On the basis of complex analysis of magnetotelluric sounding and the results of seismic surveying a number of oil fields with the reserves over 30 million tons have been discovered. Ecologically safe deep mining enterprise and comprehensive processing of high-grade iron ore of Kursk Magnetic Anomaly in the conditions of aquifers was built. On the basis of advanced technology platform innovative development of a considerable part of agrochemical production operations was facilitated.

 At present the Mining university provides the best in the state education in practically all fields of activity aimed at rendering support to mineral resources complex. Traditions of knowledge transfer from generation to generation are the key to success and to worldwide demand for the graduates.

Vladimir Litvinenko, Rector