Rector Vladimir Litvinenko will answer students' questions


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Will Russian students who received a European diploma go to the West?

Four students of St. Petersburg Mining University have defended their Master’s degree theses under the triple diploma program “Modern methods of development of mineral resources.” Now each of them will become the owner of three certificates of higher education at once: from the Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany), the Leoben Mining University (Austria), and their alma mater.

The second stage of the summer schools started at Mining University

The students who completed their studies at the summer schools of St. Petersburg Mining University passed the baton to their peers from other universities. They were succeeded by 103 people from 25 higher educational institutions, members of the Nedra Consortium.

Rumors of coal’s “Mminent death” were greatly exaggerated

The cost of coal in Europe passed the mark of $120 per ton, and in Asia - $130. Such high prices have not been recorded on the stock exchanges for about ten years, and experts warn: this is not the limit. The demand for the resource will continue to grow, and if the specialized companies do not increase the level of production, then the quotes will be doomed to further growth.