St. Petersburg Mining University's new postgraduate strategy shortens the innovation cycle


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Vladimir Litvinenko: reducing investment in oil and gas will only lead to a further increase in their cost

The world public and the media continue to discuss the scandalous statement of experts of the International Energy Agency (IEA), which proposed to stop financing new projects related to the exploration and development of hydrocarbon deposits. Most analysts believe that this will not lead to an acceleration of the energy transition and reduction of human impact on nature, but only to a shortage of resources, an increase in their cost, and, as a consequence, a decline in the quality of life in developing countries. The result of this state of affairs will be an increased role of “dirty”, but cheaper technologies for power generation.

Konstantin Simonov: “The green energy industry is looking more and more like a classic stock bubble”

Is it possible to predict the future of global energy? Are oil and gas really a dead horse that needs to be abandoned immediately? What will result from the colossal expenditures of some states on the construction of wind turbines and solar panels: a reduction in the technological impact on ecosystems or a sharp increase in the price of electricity and heat? These and other questions were raised during an act lecture by Konstantin Simonov, Russian political scientist and director of the National Energy Security Fund. It was held at St. Petersburg Mining University, at the closing ceremony of the International Contest of Young Scientists “Topical Issues of Subsoil Use.”.

How to build a career in the oil and gas industry

Working in the Far North or in an office in St. Petersburg? Onshore or offshore field? On the staff of a foreign or Russian company? The mineral and raw materials complex of Russia provides differentiated scenarios of career development for core specialists. Viktor Feller, a graduate of St. Petersburg Mining University, has had time to work on various projects and today holds the position of Chief Expert of Offshore Projects Expertise Department at PAO Gazprom.