Sablino training facility comprises training area for drilling and oil and gas testing (187010, Leningrad Region, Tosnensky district, settlement Ulyanovka, 133A Volodarsky Ave.) The Sablino training facility is intended for conducting introductory, educational, and industrial practical training of students of Mining University in the “Oil and Gas Business” and “Technologies of Geological Exploration of Mineral Deposits” lines of study, as well as of students of universities from other regions and countries.

The training facility houses the Neftyanik educational and scientific training ground equipped with specialized modern gear necessary for the educational, scientific and production work of students; training, retraining, and advanced training of specialists of Mining University, other universities, and third-party organizations.

133A Volodarsky Ave. Ulyanovka Settlement, Tosnensky district, Leningrad Region, 187010
Total area
100 800 sq.m
Building area
2 349 m2
Rooms for temporary stay
44 beds
100 seats
Dining rooms
30 seats
Additional facilities
Educational and scientific ground "Neftyanik"

Responsible for the training base

Larisa V. Mangasarova
Organization and conduct of training practice during the main period of operation (June - August)
Providing the possibility of temporary and permanent stay at the training facility for up to 100 trainees at a time
Assistance in organizing meals for students and employees staying at the training facility temporarily and permanently
Assistance in organizing transport services for students and employees staying at the training facility temporarily and permanently
Organization of service of the educational process in terms of compliance with sanitary rules and regulations, fire safety rules and safety measures
Prompt fulfillment of applications of the educational part for the organization of minor current repairs
Organization of storage, distribution, and repair of training devices and equipment
Organization of work on laundering and repairing overalls and soft equipment