In the process of training in this speciality, students get acquainted with the sections of theoretical informatics, control theory and information and network technologies, design of information systems, architecture of computers and operating systems, learn procedural and object programming in high-level languages, and also gain practical skills in creating and using of database management systems and web-programming.


09.03.01 Informatics and Computer Engineering

Mode of attendance
Full time
5,5 years
Language of training
Admission tests for international students
Mathematics, Russian language
Tuition fees
300 000 RUB per semester
Reasons for choosing a course
  • Great demand for the profession, lack of issues in finding a job, high level of wages;

  • AIPMS is included in the list of decisive technologies of the Russian Federation: Technologies of Information, Control, Navigation Systems; Technologies and Software for Distributed and High-Performance Computing Systems;

  • Automated information processing and management systems (AIPMS) are part of any modern organization and are used in various fields of human activity; they determine the level of scientific and technological progress and the economic provision of the state.


Graduates of this speciality can work at any production organization that designs or operates automated information processing and management systems, service companies, research and design organizations. Positions that a graduate can apply for include engineers for automated information processing and management systems; managers for managing information processes at enterprises; engineers for the rational use of computer technology and automated systems; developers of information modules for DBMSs. Presently, graduates of this speciality work and are in high demand at such enterprises as Novatek, Gazprom Neft, Surgutneftegas, Metal Group, Uralkali, Neva Holding; NPP ERA-R; Eco-Express Service; EnergoLab; Promt; North-West Energy Balance; ZAO Energy ; Construction Company “ResourceEnergoSet”; Nordgas; URSA Eurasia; Tarius; PKP Resource, Ai-Teco Company, Gazprom, Rosneft, MTS, Rostelecom PJSC, Sberbank, VTB, Technonikol, Baltiisky Zavod, Kirovsky Zavod, PAO Silovye Mashiny, etc.

Field of study
Operational systems;
Information systems design;
Object-oriented programming;
Computers and peripherals;
Networks and telecommunications;
Protection of information;
System software;
Artificial intelligence systems.
Graduate skills
Ability to use data manipulation languages;
Ability to design business process information support systems;
Ability to develop information funds of enterprises of their employment;
Ability to solve problems associated with the use of computer technology and software;
Ability to develop interface tools for interacting with stored information;
Ability to provide information security of information systems of various classes;
Ability to design information schemes and information flows at the enterprise;
Competences in applying the latest information technology in the design and maintenance of information systems.